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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Not only Free Webpage, but Free exposure and marketing opportunity for business

Question: In this time around, do we still get things for FREE? Shall I believe? Or this only sound likes marketing tone? I hope this will not be before I proceed reading this article.

Answer: It is definitely not, at least from my personal view. 800,000 over company information have been listed on us and it is growing rapidly. It is totally free with no additional charges for the following benefits.

1) A personalized and dedicated webpage for company/corporate. Company profile, contact information with Google Map, and product information are listed. On top of that, it comes with instant and free company information update via skype and email.

Some sample pages from our directory, with the top 5 hits listing on the main page

2) As one of the outstanding and latest directory, we do even offer more than a conventional business directory. Twitter and RSS Feed have been added to provide latest update about the company for product information and latest promotion.

Following are our latest company who has provided their RSS Feed & Twitter.

3) Just exposure from Of course not, we have been heavily indexed by search engine such as Google bot and Yahoo bot. You might not believe, our webpage might have a higher rank compare to your webpage with the same search key due to our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effort. And it is all for FREE.

Following are some of the search result from Google Search/Yahoo Search by visitor and most of it rank within the first page and top first of the rank.
a) Result from Google Search Engine

b) Result from Yahoo Search Engine

4) Besides providing the company information, you can also add your trade. This is particularly
for company to submit their product for sale. Again, it is completely Free. Following are the sample:

Are you expecting more free stuff from us? Please register with us and start submitting your company information for us at

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