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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Premium Listing Announcement

Good day to all the members & visitors,

We are very proud to announce today of our very first Premium Listing Package. It will be available under Beta version and please check it out at:

We will be announcing more promotion/trial package/free package to our loyal visitor. Please stay tune for more information at

If you are interested to know more, please email us at

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How much do you need to make your business online?

Very Often, customer around the world has been asking me this question. Answers range from USD 100, USD 200 or even USD 10,000 just to make a business online. Perhaps a company website or a webpage listed with company information is more than enough to archieve the purpose. How about your product or trade? Do we need to spend another USD 100 - USD 10,000 just to do online business?

My Answer is "NO". You can transform your business online without spending a single penny. It is totally "FREE".

Please ask yourself, why you want your business to get online?
1) To gain more exposure or promoting your brand from Online community?
2) To be searchable by all the search engines?
3) To automate your business process and operating 24 x 7?
4) and etc., a website created for the business owner to get all company/business online for FREE. It aims to help the business world and Small Medium Business(SMB) to go for online business.

1) To gain more exposure or promoting your brand/company from Online community?
By posting/adding your company/trade/product information online, your potential visitor will be able to understand more about your company profile and obtains your contact information. A lot of businesses fail in this process as the potential buyer is unable obtain their company and contact information. Even though you do not own a domain or webpage, you still can submit your company/product information to

2) To be searchable by all the search engines?
Online business is not just for getting your company/trade/product information online, you will need to make sure that it is searchable. Even if you have created your own website/webpage, it is not going to have any impact. Nowadays, we need to do more for Search-Engine Optimization(SEO) in order to be searchable in the major search engine. In, we do it for FREE for all the company/trade listed with us and we have been optimized for the purpose.

3) To automate your business process and operating 24 x 7?
Conventional business open from 9-5. In order to generate more revenue/lead, we need to make sure we are reachable 24 x 7. By having your business online, your potential customer will be able to view your company/trade information whenever they want and would be able to send you an email for their enquiry. You might close a big deal of you business even if you are sleeping. AllCompanyOnline is there to make sure that we are operating 24 x 7 and will never let our customer down.

4) Please think and decide before it is too late.

But will I get all this for "FREE" and really FREE? Why it is free? How about all the domain registration, website hosting, web design, maintenance charges? I would say not only you get it all FREE, you can get more out of it.

With, you need not register an domain, hosting, web design or maintenance charges. Whenever you add your company/trade information, you will be given a direct link/address. You will only need to promote the particular link. Moreover, We have a predefined web design template to display your company/trade information. You will only need to login to your account to update your own trade listing from time to time. Further, all the enquiry will be send directly to the email address you preferred. You could contact or follow up with your potential directly.

If you are still not convinced and wish to have more free features, please do not hesitate to email us at

To get started, just logon to

Thank you and have a nice day.

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