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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Google Wave Account For Today

Google Wave is a new tool for communication and collaboration on the web, coming later this year. Watch the demo video below, sign up for updates and learn more about how to develop with Google Wave. (

It have been following closely with the Google Wave latest announcement since it started for Beta. Registered as a member and pending for the availability, I finally manage to get its notification email today with username and password given. Out of my expectation, it receives 2 set of login information rather than one. One is for Real Access and the other is the Sandbox Access.

I can't wait for trying and get the first feel of it. I straight away logon to the Google Wave and it first ask me to change my password. After changing password, I have been brought to the Google Wave UI. It is so impressive and it feels like an APPS rather than a webs. Following is the GUI for Google Wave.

I have tried a few things
1) The speed of the server is acceptable and fast enough. You can have a real time interaction with the user. In fact, it will also show you what the user are typing.
2) Add a contact/user. It is pretty easy to add, just click on the user and you can add the contact.
3) You can share the Google Map and even pointing your location. I do see some people playing games as well but I still haven't find out that part yet.

Anyway, as in normal Beta version, my wave has clashes at least 2 times within an hour and it request me to refresh my browser. It is fair enough sometimes might due to the connection problem and probably not because of Wave issue.

I have been talking so much on the features but is it related to us? Yes, indeed it is. If you have read about my newsletter or press release for the past, you will know that I hope to integrate the Google Wave into We can build an online community and making it so easy in doing business. As I am still new in this, I still need to make a deeper study and integrate it with our directory.

Believe it or not, we might be the first online business directory using Google Wave for Business Purpose and yet it is for Free.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

All Access from China Visitor

We have been mistakenly blacklisted by the China Firewall previously and a lot of China visitor and partner is unable to access our website.

Today, I am so surprise to see the Baidu Robot crawling my page on my monitor page. Is it already get de-listed from China Firewall is my first thought. Please have a look on the screenshot.

I am so happy to get to know that as Baidu Robot is mainly from China IP Address. After that, I try to contact with several partner from China and surprisingly all of them are able to access my page and start using it.

Thanks for everything and your support so far with us. We will be growing very tremendously with our plan and changes the idea of doing business online.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Not only Free Webpage, but Free exposure and marketing opportunity for business

Question: In this time around, do we still get things for FREE? Shall I believe? Or this only sound likes marketing tone? I hope this will not be before I proceed reading this article.

Answer: It is definitely not, at least from my personal view. 800,000 over company information have been listed on us and it is growing rapidly. It is totally free with no additional charges for the following benefits.

1) A personalized and dedicated webpage for company/corporate. Company profile, contact information with Google Map, and product information are listed. On top of that, it comes with instant and free company information update via skype and email.

Some sample pages from our directory, with the top 5 hits listing on the main page

2) As one of the outstanding and latest directory, we do even offer more than a conventional business directory. Twitter and RSS Feed have been added to provide latest update about the company for product information and latest promotion.

Following are our latest company who has provided their RSS Feed & Twitter.

3) Just exposure from Of course not, we have been heavily indexed by search engine such as Google bot and Yahoo bot. You might not believe, our webpage might have a higher rank compare to your webpage with the same search key due to our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effort. And it is all for FREE.

Following are some of the search result from Google Search/Yahoo Search by visitor and most of it rank within the first page and top first of the rank.
a) Result from Google Search Engine

b) Result from Yahoo Search Engine

4) Besides providing the company information, you can also add your trade. This is particularly
for company to submit their product for sale. Again, it is completely Free. Following are the sample:

Are you expecting more free stuff from us? Please register with us and start submitting your company information for us at

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Company Profile with RSS Feed and Twitter

Once again, we have made ourself different. From offering company profile for free, we wish to provide more company information to the visitor. We have added the RSS Feed and Twitter section for all our listed company as a way to increase more interaction and company news update.

If you are listed in our directory and wish to update the RSS and Twitter information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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