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Sunday, September 27, 2009

October 2009 Newsletter - Added 82,440 Vietnam Company & Free Webpage Widget

During the month of September 2009, it is a month for festive season and holiday. We would like to extend our greetings on this joyous occassion to all the muslims around the world complete the month of Ramadan and celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr. We even added the greeting message on the website during the festive season.

As we hope to grow and become one of the biggest business portal for providing company information, We have added 82,440 Vietname company into our database. With this update, we are providing more company information around the world for the public to make business. It is also helping Vietnam to push their local market into international market as its corporate information is gaining more exposure. Our team will never stop and we are still aim to update more company information in the near future.

To further promote online company information, we have developed a FREE widget for the webmaster to include it to thier website. It is a easy approach and intended to enrich the business content for the website. You can have a selection of which country's company information you wish to add to your webpage. For more information, you could refer to

In this month and the coming few months, we will be looking for funding or partner to help us grow bigger and extend our idea to all the public. We hope that at the end of the day, it will get some coverage on newspaper and magazine. This project has been very successful in helping the visitor to look for corporate information as well as promoting global and business trade because the company listed with us received a lot of business enquiry email from their potential customer.


1. We are working on the premium listing. More detail shall be available as we will be finalizing it approach soon. We are developing and designing the premium listing structure and the fees inccured. To make it easy to use and competitive enough and justify the customer ROI, we will be charging a small amount of money for this features. It will basically includes web hosting for corporate profile, product listing, search key and etc.
2. We have looked into the Google Wave, it is very suitable for us to implement virtual online exhibition in the future. Perhaps we will be contacting Google soon to discuss further about our idea and approach. We hope to get some support from the Google as well.

We have been growing very rapidly with our visitor and information. For the past few months, we are still able utlizing less than 10GB bandwidth per month. In September 2009 even it is a festive month, we have exceed our subsribing bandwidth of 10GB for the ever first time. We aspect it will be utlizing around 15GB to 20GB bandwidth as the site getting more and more exposure from Internatical market. In order not to affect the user experience when surfing our webpage, we will make some arrangement with our hosting company.For the visitor as well, We have surged to 10,000 unique visitor and it is very encouraging for a new and young website which managed by a personnel.

Lastly, we hope you can continue give your support to us. Please come and visit us at almost 900,000 companies have joined us, do you still want to wait? Time and tides waits for no one.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Update: 65,325 Vietnam companies added

Today, we have added 65,325 companies into our database. Almost 100,000 companies from Vietnam is included into our database. Besides that, we are going to exceed 900,000 companies listed with us soon. We hope by the end of 2009, we will have a million company with us. Keep our finger cross and we shall be working harder.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

We are working on Vietnam Business Directory

Currently, we are working on Vietnam Business Directory. We will be adding quite a number of Vietnam company into our database for our visitor to find and make business in Vietnam. Please do give you support if you like the information.

Friday, September 4, 2009

September 2009 Newsletter

As we are having quite a frequent update in August 2009, so we have decided to run another newsletter this month.

Our focus this month will be the launching of AllCompanyOnline API and the Top 50 most popular company. To view the September 2009 Newsletter, please click at Free Widget