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Sunday, September 9, 2012

September 2012 Newsletter - We are recruiting business partner is an Online Business Portal. We are providing company listing, trade listing, job employment and etc. We have more than 70,000 page views per monthand we have received a lot of business enquiries every day. Since we are only serving as a business platform to bring consumer closer to the business owner, we don't wish to keep the enquiry with us but we wish to share the potential customer with you.
We are here to invite you to join our big family and it takes you less than 3 minutes* to get started. No matter who you are, it is never too late to join us. Join Us Now!
Once we have approved you as our business partner, we will forward all the related potential enquiries to you via email. While you are doing your company submission with us, please provide more detail about your business operation, business type and business structure so that we could evaluate and be more accurate in forwarding you the enquiry and making the approval.
To provide a high level and committed support to our visitors, we do request our business partner to be prompt in replying to the enquiry and be helpfulin anyway. Making a good relationship with the potential buyer is the right way to make our business moving. Since we always heard that business owner are working hard to get customer, so we are here to bring customer to you free of charge.
*All businesses will go through a review process before getting the approval. It is subject to our terms & conditions.
Besides that, we are joining the 9th Chine-ASEAN Expo at Nanning International Convention, China on 21 - 25 September 2012. More information can be found at the official website. This is our first stop in China to bring more exposure to our business portal. If you wish to meet us face to face, Please contact us via email ( to pre-book your desired timing for a discussion and information sharing session.
If you need any online support, please do send email or you can talk to our online support team with skype id: allcompanyonline or MSN: or QQ: 1619486260

Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 2012 - Newsletter Step 3: Get more people to know your Garden and market it

July 2012 Newsletter
Step 3: Get more people to know your Garden and market it

After Step 1 & Step 2, you seem to have all it takes. It is time to look at some external factors to further improve your online exposure. It is using the same theory like conventional business; you need to put advertisement on TV, radio or printed material to boost your brand or product. Most of the time, it requires a lot of budget to do marketing for conventional business.
On the Internet or virtual world, you could do it in a more cost effective way. You could either engage a professional consultant or Do-It-Yourself concept. There are a lot of resources available on the Internet to guide you step by step to promote and market your product online.
In this last chapter, we wish to highlight a few options for business owner to market their product online and get to be known.
  1. Social Media: We do use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and etc. in our daily life. Besides getting updates on friends and news, we could also utilize it to interact with our existing and potential customer. Using pages and Facebook ads are very good options to increase your followers and increase your reach to your end user. You can also do it for free and creating a page like
  2. Email Marketing: Emailing is a very common and important communication method for all the Internet Users. We do use it daily to interact with each other. Using Email Marketing is a good option; we could purchase a targeted email list or subscribe to a third party service to send on our behalf. It will reach more potential customer. But please bear in mind that do not SPAM in any circumstances.
  3. Newsletter: Newsletter is a regular distributed publication about your company, product or etc., You could do it daily, weekly or even monthly. It is a good way to keep intact with your customers or new customers. Please make sure you do it constantly and not once a while. You need to allow your customer to subscribe or unsubscribe your newsletter as well.
  4. Third Party Advertising: Google AdWords, Pay per Click, Pay Per View, Pay Per Lead, Pay Per pop, Pop Under and etc. is a very common and easy way to advertise your product or company information. You could easily start to do this by creating your account, charging your credit card and select your targeted audience. It is good that you pre-defined your targeted audience and location before you start your advertising campaign. Failure to do so might affect your end result.
If you think this is too complicated and you need someone to guide you personally, please do not hesitate to contact us for further consultation. You could easily reach us
You can check out all the 3 steps as below.
If you need any online support, please do send email to or you can talk to our online support team with skype id: allcompanyonline or MSN: or QQ: 1619486260 (Just Added Dec 2010)
Thank you and have a nice day.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 2012 Newsletter Step 2: Building up your Garden in the Jungle

June 2012 Newsletter
Step 2: Building up your Garden in the Jungle

Based on our earlier step, I believe you have made your business exist on the Internet. It is a very important initiative to move forward for the first step before you can succeed. Since you have planted in the Jungle, so we need to make sure we could do more and make it as a garden in the Jungle.
To start to transform your plant in a garden, you will need to make sure you have done the following before looking into any marketing campaign or such. It is just making sure that you have a strong fundamental before jumping into the next stage.
  1. Sitemap Generation - Sitemap in a simple term is the directory of your website. It allows the visitor or the search engine to understand the basic structure of your website and get it listed to the search engine. This is a very easy step. You just need to get yourself familiarize with sitemap format or you could take the ease and generate it via any free tools on the Internet. E.g. , etc. it is even better if your website could dynamically generate the sitemap daily to provide the latest information for your visitor.
  2. Sitemap Submission - Having a good sitemap is not the only thing, you will need to utilize it correctly. Once you have the good sitemap, you will need to submit it to the search engine. This is the steps most of the user overlooked and thus affect the visibility of their website in the Internet. You could submit your sitemap to some major search engine player such as Google ( or Bing ( You might need to create an account before you can do the submission.
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - This is a very broad topic and how could you optimize your website for search engine. A lot of IT Company does offer such service for a fee. We don't wish to go deep into it. We just wish to highlight some tips or guideline which can potentially help us to perform SEO.
    1. Meaningful URL - Please use meaningful filename like aboutus.php, contactus.php rather than some people using index1.htm, index2.htm which do not provide any indication to the search engine robot.
    2. Using correct html meta data - Please make sure you are using the correct title or unique title for each pages. It is even better if you have description defined for further understanding.
    3. View as search Engine Robot - To have some beautiful animation, sometimes we might be using a lot of scripting. Search engine might not be able to view the effect after all. Please make sure you run the test and see it result. You could use tool like
    4. And etc as we could not cover all at the moment. If you are interested to ask us for help, please do contact us directly at
  4. Link exchange - This involves third party interaction. Perhaps you need to get some business directory or business related website to add your website link by having link exchange with them. It is a very important step to establish your existence on the Internet. You could also add you link on forum, blog, or some social media website.
We hope that you have benefited from the above explanation. You could just do it yourself since it does not require any fee.
If you have missed our earlier release, please check out as below.
If you need any online support, please do send email to or you can talk to our online support team with skype id: allcompanyonline or MSN: or QQ: 1619486260 (Just Added Dec 2010)
Thank you and have a nice day.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 2012 Newsletter | Step 1: Start planting in the Jungle

Business does require people to get to know its existence. Without its brand and name, people can hardly get to know your product or service offering. Commercial world is like a Jungle, you need to build it up bits by bits. We shall cover more of its steps in the coming release.
There are a couple of common mistakes or misunderstanding by the business owner on the needs of web page.
  1. I am not doing direct end user business and only trading. 
    You still need your trading partner to know more about you and find you. If your trading partner could not locate you, then you will not be able to get new business opportunity.

  2. I only serve a geographical area of customer but not global customer. 
    Business does expand from time to time, you never know where your customer is located. We do experience once, customer from china buying a goods from Europe but then the seller is from China. All this is due to lack of exposure and information for the customer to locate the product. If the china customer knows it earlier, he would buy locally then.

  3. I don't want to reveal too much of my company information to prevent any competition from competitor. 
    Business is always open for competition. No improvement if without competition. You will just out stand your competitor as you are the pioneer of the industry rather than staying low profile.

  4. We don't do online business and don't have online payment. 
    It is totally wrong. You could just put your website to explain about your business and contact information. Customer will be able to know more about your business or location before making a purchasing from you.
There are a few ways to start to build your existence in the Jungle (Internet). You could perform the following steps. We start from the most complicated and complex steps to the easier to implement.
  1. Sign up for web hosting package with own domain
    You could sign up a web hosting package with hosting company like Godaddy, HostGator and etc. You will then be given a pre-configured web space to upload your company website. A web designer might be required to help you to design your website in line with your corporate image. This incurred higher cost as you need to maintain & update your website from time to time.

  2. Sign up for free subdomain hosting
    To save the annual web hosting cost, this might be a good alternative. Most of the time, the web page comes with some advertisement to support its operating cost. You could just Google "free web hosting" and get tons of services available for you. Some of the service does provide together the site builder or template to help you to build up your website easily.

  3. Sign up with business directory to post your company information
    Easiest way to implement and it is completely free. You could just get to Yellow Pages, Google Place or to post your company information for free. All the information will then be crawled by major search engine like Google, Bing and etc and indexed accordingly.
It will be a total of 3 steps in getting your web page on the Internet. We shall cover the next 2 steps in our coming released. If you wish to get the update, please feel free to sign up our newsletter at: or like our Facebook page
Coming Release:
  • Steps 2: Building up your Garden in the Jungle
  • Steps 3: Get more people to know your Garden and market it
If you need any online support, please do send email to or you can talk to our online support team with skype id: allcompanyonline or MSN: or QQ: 1619486260 (Just Added Dec 2010)
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