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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 2011 Newsletter Email Marketing Campaign for Business

June 2011 Newsletter
Email Marketing Campaign for Business


Email Marketing campaign, one of the most direct and efficient way to promote your products and services online. In fact an email marketing campaign is a must have in any business' marketing strategy, if they hope to retain customers while gaining some new ones. It is the most cost effective way and it reaches all walk of life. To run a successful email marketing campaign, it is very crucial to have a clear objective, an organized email template, targeted audience and right email service provider.

To ease the company owner, we have just added a great offering - email marketing campaign service. It is our promise to offer a high quality email marketing campaign service at a very affordable pricing. It starts from as low as USD 0.01 cent per email. You can check out more detail at: If you are interested at our services and have special requirement, please do not hesitate to contact our sales personnel

Facebook has been a very effective and efficient way to share information and get its user and brand exposure. In order to getmore online exposure and latest update for company, trade as well as job listing, we have added a few Facebook applications on our Facebook page. Please check it out at Feel free to like our facebook page as well to get the latest news update of our Business Portal.

User friendliness and ease to use is always our utmost concern. As such, we have done some minor changes on our user interface to improve user experience on the Business Portal. More instruction and explanation has been added on our Portal. We have consolidated the country listing and reducing irrelevant images to reduce the user distraction. We hope you do enjoy the the change and continue to give your support.

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If you need any online support, please do send email to or you can talk to our online support team with skype id: allcompanyonline or MSN: or QQ: 1619486260 (Just Added Dec 2010)

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