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Saturday, October 31, 2009

November 2009 Newsletter - Corporate Responsiblity

Corporate Responsibility plays an important role in Although has been providing free service to the public, we are always committed to contribute back to the society. It inspires continuous innovation in our work with products, people and the planet to serve our visitor better.

On 2nd October, we have joined our effort with global charity group like Surfaid, American RedCross and etc to launch the Relief Fund to help Indonesia Earth Quake Victim. We have consolidated some of the charity partners who are dedicated in providing help and support to the Indonesia Earth Quake Victim. If you wish to give them a hand, please do not hesitate to Visit Us

Due to a sudden surge of our visitor traffic in October, you might experience slow access and loading time. Please be patient and we are dealing with the issue currently and monitoring the server performance. It should be resolve soon.

To further promote online company information, we have developed a FREE widget for the webmaster to include it to their website. It is an easy approach and intended to enrich the business content for the website. For more information, you could refer to

In this month and the coming few months, we will be looking for funding or partner to help us grow bigger and extend our idea to all the public. We hope that at the end of the day, it will get some coverage on newspaper and magazine. This project has been very successful in helping the visitor to look for corporate information as well as promoting global and business trade because the company listed with us received a lot of business enquiry email from their potential customer.


- We are working on the premium listing. More detail shall be available as we will be finalizing it approach soon. We are developing and designing the premium listing structure and the fees incurred. To make it easy to use and competitive enough and justify the customer ROI, we will be charging a small amount of money for these features. It will include web hosting for corporate profile, product listing, search key and etc.
- To assist the conventional business transforms to online business and inline with our company mission and objective, we are planning to come out with a few packages/plans to help them to diversify into online business successful. Unlike others, our packages which include all the required consultation, implementation, support, after-implementation support, maintenance, and even providing online sales/support personnel to save the online business operating cost.
- We have looked into the Google Wave, it is very suitable for us to implement virtual online exhibition in the future. Out of our expectation, the Google Wave seems like getting more and more exposure. I have been reached several times by my friend to let them have a look on the Google Wave Beta as has already been approved for the beta and joined with the Google Wave Developer Page. Perhaps we will be contacting Google soon to discuss further about our idea and approach. We hope to get some support from the Google as well.

Following our rapid grow, our bandwidth utilization has surged to over 20GB in October 2009 compare to 15GB in September 2009. We foresee our visitor growth will be double or even triple for the 2009. We have been working out with our hosting company very closely and planning to subscribe for dedicated server soon and shall be available by first quarter 2010. To further improve our service and gaining a bigger market share, we wish to subscribe more premium customer who wishes to have more control or more exposure about their company listing. In summary, our unique visitors exceeded 13,000 with a total page view of more than 30,000. It is a huge improvement by 30% compare to the previous month. We feel proud for the achievement and we hope it will be growing very rapidly with the global economy is on recovery mode.

Lastly, we hope you can continue give your support to us. Please come and visit us at Almost 900,000 companies have joined us, do you still want to wait? Time and tides waits for no one.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Slow access and loading time

Due to a sudden surge of our visitor traffic, you might experience slow access and loading time. Please be patient. We are dealing with the issue right now and monitoring the server performance.

To improve the surfing experience, we are planning to have a dedicated server for the purpose. So be available for the next few months.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Indonesia EarthQuake Relief Fund 2009

We wish to join our effort and support with some internationally established and trusted organization to help the people of Padang, Indonesia who were hit by huge EarthQuake (7.6 on the Richter scale) on Wednesday 30 September.

Please go to and make your sincere donation for all the victim.

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