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Friday, July 30, 2010

45,000 Australia Company Added

We have just added around 45,000 Australia Company ( into our Portal and making us listing more than 937,000 companies around the world.

It is our promise to provide more business information to help our visitor to locate the right vendor and supplier. Please continue giving your support.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How is Performed Lately?

To cut down from our commercial talk and marketing talk, we wish to go straight into the point. We are growing very rapidly and getting more visitors by day. Until today, we are proud to announce that we have more than 1,700 unique visitors per day and with more than 50,000 page views per month as tracked by Google Analytics service. Our registered members have also exceeded 1,400 since July 2010. With our great effort and determination, I am optimistic that our unique visitors per days can be doubled and have at least 100,000 page view per month at the end of 2010.

We are always there to provide free & useful company & business information for the public and this idea has been getting a very huge acceptance from our customer as well as visitors. We do receive a lot of encouragement from our partner who works with us for mutual benefits. It is in line with our government policy to push SME business to the world and getting more online exposure.

Are we big enough to be one of the major players in providing company information to the world? I doubt so until I get a notification from one of my partner today. It is indeed a good as well as bad news to us. We have been seen as a competitor to a Malaysia well-organized & famous Business Portal and I need to stop working with my existing partner due to their business relationship with the Business Portal. I do feel pity to the Internet User as they have been denied from getting free company information for their business use. No offense to my partner as I do respect their decision and removed their logo at at once.

We do understand that business is selfish and everyone understands that. In fact, we have been rejected by one of our partner before due to the same reason. But I personally think that we should not ignore & deny their right in helping the business industry to consolidate the information and make it available for the public. If we don’t wish to help, at least we shouldn’t put them on the spot.

Since it is an IT project & initiative from a Malaysian, we hope that the Malaysia Authority especially MDec, MAVCAP, Matrade is interested to join our effort and support us to promote more Malaysia Company to the world and improve our International Sales. We are very sad & disappointed to know that we could not find and reach the right person & agency to provide such facility & support to us.

It is not an easy task and we have never think of giving up. As we are planning to grow our business portal abroad, we might be looking for another alternative and working with foreign authority if they are interested to joint our effort.
At last, we do welcome media from Newspaper, Magazine, Radio or etc to help us to promote our service and give us their support. Free Widget